Empowering Life and Research with Innovative Tech-Bio Solutions

Technology-driven biotech solutions for a healthier future.

Technology-driven biotech solutions for a healthier future.

Accuracy without compromise – our commitment to fast turnaround times.

AI-based solutions for computational accuracy and quick processing.

MGBIO is dedicated to advancing research and development in the Tech-Bio fields. We offer customized service packges, high-throughput data analytics, and web-based solutions for analyzing biological and health big data. Our focus is on developing next-generation tools, protocols, and products that enhance diagnostics, improve patient outcomes, and address indigenous challenges such as low-resolution diagnostics, antibiotic resistance, and infectious diseases. We prioritize building strong relationships with our customers by providing exceptional products & transparent communication. We seek to collaborate with academic institutions & industry experts to further scientific knowledge and product development.

Our Services

How can we help you?

Genomic Services

Genome sequencing, Assembly & Annotation Services. Bioinformatics analysis, Metagenomics & Transcriptomics Data Analysis. Comparative Genomics, Biomarker discovery & Genome based-diagnostics products development.

AI/ML based Frameworks

Development & Training of AI & ML based models for efficient predictions & data-driven analyses for better and informed decisions making.

Analysis Suites

Analysis Suites & High Throughput Software Pipelines and Packages. Standalone & web based packages & Real-Time Databases.

Tools and Databases

Development / Installation / Configurations of Biological Tools, Databases & User-friendly Interfaces.
Establishment & commissioning of genomic tools & database facility.

Molecular Biology Services

DNA/RNA isolation & cDNA synthesis.
PCR & Real-time PCR (Probe based/SYBR Green).
Cloning & Recombinant DNA technology.

Proteomics Services

Protein Isolation & Mutagenesis. SDS PAGE.
Western Blotting. ELISA services. Mass Spectrometry.

Consultancy Services

Curriculum and program development, consultancy & services to government and private sectors, projects & guidance, institutional framework and policy development. IPs and Promotions of Tech-Biotechnology and Industry-Academic Linkages.

Trainings and Workshops

Trainings and Hands-on Workshops as per Customer Demands (Online & in person). Internships and Guidance.

Content Development

Content Creation and Development, Editorial Services, Blog Writing, Infographics, as well as video and podcast production.

Drafting and Illustrations

Services for Manuscript Drafting. Language editing. Graphical Abstracts, Quality Images, Figures and illustrations.

Our Mission & Business Philosophy


Our mission is to harness the power of technology and biology to create innovative solutions that improve the research, individuals health, business, and overall well-being of people and the planet. We strive to advance scientific knowledge and develop cutting-edge products and services that address pressing challenges in biotechnology, industry, healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability with a commitment to ethical and responsible practices, we aim to create a positive impact on society and empower individuals and firms to stay productive and with fulfilling lives.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is centered around our expertise in tech & bio to make a positive impact on society and the environment. We believe that our success is intertwined with the success of our customers and employees. We strive to operate with integrity, responsibility, and innovation in all aspects of our business. We value collaboration, scientific excellence, ethical practices, and committed to investing in our employees, research & development, and sustainable business practices to continue create innovative solutions that improve the health and well-being of individuals and the planet.

Team Members

We have a strong and dynamic team of active researchers and academicians who are passionate to work for the promotion of “science without boarders”. Please visit our extended team and their specialisations at https://mgbio.asab.nust.edu.pk/

Dr. Amjad Ali

Founder and CEO

Samavi Nasir

Content & Business Developer

Why Choose Us?

Our customers require bio-tech solutions to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and promote sustainability while advancing outcomes in disease diagnostics, patient treatment, data analysis, and environmental protection. As the demand for solutions addressing global challenges such as climate change, food security, and public health increases, we believe there is a significant market opportunity for innovative Techno-Biology solutions that positively impact society and the environment.

Scientific Expertise

Unparalleled scientific expertise and comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge research techniques.

Culture of Innovation

Creativity, experimentation & continuous improvement to drive success and stay ahead of the curve.


Teamwork, open communication, and diverse perspectives, leading to innovative solutions and mutual success.

Contact Us

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National Science & Technology Park (NSTP), NUST, H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan


Whatsapp +923399112217
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